Check out the new podcast below where I express some thoughts on the recent snowy weather and the Fighting Illini's Rose Bowl berth.

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"Again, A Look Back- Well another year has come and gone, so its time for me to jar the memory and see what I can recall from 2007. I rarely remember the important stuff, so lets see what inconsequential stuff I can remember. (...more)"

"Holiday Booty- Get your heads out of the gutter folks, I'm not talking about that type of booty. Another Christmas has come and gone and per usual the take was quite impressive. (...more)"

"San Francisco: The Stories- Maps, stories, and photos from my adventures in San Francisco. You'll be entertained for at least 30 minutes guaranteed. So check it out right now!(...more)"

"Ramble On- Hot! Hot! Hot!- There was a 3-alarm fire today at 810 W. Grace, also known as Gill Park Cooperative, which is the project I've spent the majority of my internship working on. I've been to it multiple times for site visits. Check it out right here.(...more)"

"Ramblings- Writer's Strike- I'm glad I only watch one sitcom, because this writer's strike is absurd. After back to back rerun episodes of "The Office", I can't take it anymore. Writer's aren't supposed to strike. Blue collar workers that don't effect my every day life are supposed to strike.(...more)"

"Fancy Eats- Last night I attended the RRJ winter outing. It was much like the summer outing to the Kane County Cougars, except it was much more classy. Despite the nasty weather (icy/snowy roads with a wintry mix precipitation), most of those who RSVPed made it out. It was held at the masterfully restored Willoway Mansion and Meson Sabika restaurant. The night involved great fancy food and a murder mystery performance."(...more)"

"'Did you miss something from November at Beavers and Ducks? Then check it out here in the archives."

"Coming Up Roses- If you go back a few posts, to the October 29 post, you'll see that was I projecting the Illini's post season bowl and I had Illinois pinned for the Champs Sports Bowl, in Orlando, FL, as the fifth pick from the Big Ten. (...more)"

"Did you miss some football action from the past month. Everything you need is right here."

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