- I was a Survivor fan from the beginning, but I stopped watching for a few seasons. When I came back, it was still some entertaining television. Now in its 15th season Survivor China is one of the best seasons since the first few. Sure its always the same premise, but its the people that make it different and interesting.

- I'm also hooked on another CBS show, Kid Nation. I haven't missed an episode and while at times it comes across as quite scripted, its too funny to even care about such. And mark my words...if there is not a "Where are They Now: Kids of Kid Nation" show in the next 10-15 years, I will make it myself. Too much of a golden opportunity to pass up.

- I don't shop at Wal-Mart. Nope, its not my type of place. But for some reason Wal-Mart is the only place in Chicagoland that sells my deodorant, Speed Stick Sports Talc by Mennen. And no I cannot use any other type. If I use the gel/scented deodorants I risk a nasty rash. It's happened before and quite frankly its a horrible place to get an itchy rash. Don't worry I pick up two sticks each time, so I have to frequent Wal-Mart as little as possible.

- Never had West Nile Virus? Check out all the information at, the always informative, Wikipedia. Yeah, just don't get it. Spread the word and avoid mosquitoes.

- Mark, I liked Theresa's idea of a shirt for West Nile Virus Awareness Month, and since you're the graphic designer, make me a shirt.

- Welcome to November at gregorydowell.com. It's a special month around here as this November marks my 5th anniversary since surviving West Nile Virus. While it was touch and go at times, here I am relatively healthy and unscathed since my near death experience. So join me in observing West Nile Virus Awareness Month here at gregorydowell.com

Welcome to gregorydowell.com the new home of Beavers and Ducks. Check out the welcome podcast below to find out more about gregorydowell.com and whats in store.

"Bay Area Trip Planning- I'm really excited for my trip to San Francisco/Oakland which is just around the corner. I haven't taken a vacation since the summer following sophomore year in college (when I went to Oak Island, NC), and while this is only a mini vacation, I'm sure I'll have a great time. I fly out early Saturday December, 15 and with the time difference, arrive in Oakland at noon. My return flight is set for Monday evening, so that gives me a nice weekend to take in the sights.(...more)"

"The Homestretch- After spending six months living in Chicago and working at RRJ, I'm entering the homestretch with only 4 weeks remaining. When December 21st rolls around, life returns to how I once knew it. I'll once again be a poor college student in the middle of nowhere. I know I'm ready for change but I'm not sure how excited I'm about returning to class and studio.(...more)"

"The Results are Stunning- At the end of this post, we will all be saying, "that's what they play the game". But even knowing what we know now, its still simply amazing how this college football season has unfolded. So without further ado let me present you with some questions.(...more)"

"Out of This World- So here it is a year after the release of Nintendo Wii and the bounty of games is beginning to grow. While there were plenty of good titles at release and in the interim, the jackpot is arriving just in time for the holiday season. Guitar Hero III is out on the Christmas list, while today I picked up Super Mario Galaxy, yes the next generation of the Nintendo's platform classic, and quite simply its stunning.(...more)"

"My Town- I'm back from a week in Louisville. There were a few days of play, but it was mainly for work. That explains the lack of updates here, as my schedule gets all changed when I'm out in the field. I usually don't have much free time. A normal day in the field goes something like this: (...more)"

"'Did you miss something from October at Beavers and Ducks? Then check it out here in the archives."

"Instant Classic- A little perspective before I gush about the Illini's huge upset of #1 ranked Ohio State. During my four years at Illinois, the Illini won a grand total of 8 games (1, 3, 2, and 2 wins, respectively, each season). The victory today was the Illini's 8th victory this season. To say the least I'm giddy like a child on Christmas morning. Oh yeah, payback's a bitch.(...more)"

"Check out the new team rankings and the standings for the Gridiron Challenge:
1. Patriots (9-0)
2. Colts (7-1)
3. Cowboys (7-1)
4. Packers (7-1)
5. Giants (6-2)

Hail Mary: Week 9: "I'm usually one to knock the hype of supposed "big" games, but I'm joining the pack this week. But I'm not joining the hype or overhype, but rather joining the legitimate praise of the Patriots @ Colts as its stands now.(...more)"

"Did you miss some football action from the past month. Everything you need is right here."

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