"The Huddle is Back!- Starting Monday, The Huddle will begin previewing the upcoming NFL season with division predictions and other analysis that leads right up to kickoff on Thursday September 4.(...more)"

"Hey Summer, Where'd You Go?- Holy crap! Where did the summer go? Here I am getting my things together to head back to Ball St. and I'm not sure where the summer went. Its not that I didn't do anything (...more)"

"Kentucky State Fair- Per family tradition I went to the Kentucky State Fair today. It was the whole gang today (including Theresa, Jeff, and Amanda). The Fair is a colorful place to go (...more)"

"How Does Your Garden Grow?- I've become the surrogate harvester for the garden and today the garden yielded its biggest bounty yet. Along with the ever abundant cherry tomatoes today's haul included (...more)"

"Some Like It Hot- Last night I returned from 3+ days in Shreveport, LA for work. The job was to field verify an existing YMCA so the building can be expanded. That for the most part went off without a hitch. Just a few observations from the bayou: (...more)"

"Did you miss something from July at Beavers and Ducks? Then check it out here in the archives."

"Did you miss something from July at CadaverBlender? Then check it out here in the archives"

"Fall 08 Schedule- Ah, its back to class in a matter of a few hours. As its been for 5 years the schedule is pretty much the same. Its just the classes that change.(...more)"

"Back to School with the building bloc(k)- In just under two weeks I’ll return to Ball State University to resume my final year of classes, ultimately culminating in my Master of Architecture with concentration in Historic Preservation. (...more)"

"Did you miss something from July at the building bloc(k)? Then check it out here in the archives"

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