- Happy New Year! I hope that everyone has a great 2008 and for all of you who made resolutions (suckers!) good luck keeping them. My new year is more than a proverbial new start, and rather a literal one as I start at Ball State on Monday.

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"Focus the Nation- Thursday is usually my day off. I have no class and only have to TA for an hour and fifteen minutes. But this Thursday I am going to participate in Focus the Nation. Its a national teach-in to engage people around the US in a discussion of global warming solutions.(...more)"

"Ramblings- This is going to be all over the map, so just enjoy.
- It took my studio professor five classes to call me cynical. Right on time. I countered with my usual realist/pragmatist response, but that never works with optimists.(...more)"

"I Don't Mind the Cold- There, I said it. I used to wonder why I tortured myself and headed north to college, in particular, the notoriously flat and therefore windy Champaign, IL. But then I realized it was more mind over matter. Sure it seems absurd when you check weather.com and see the temperature listed at 17 and feels like 2, but once you're dressed (more on this in a minute) and outside its not really that bad.(...more)"

"Cribs: My Apartment- Well its been a while since you last heard from me, but thats because I've been getting settled in Muncie. I'm finally getting into a groove and figured out a schedule to get all the reading done without burning myself out. Having no classes on Thursday really helps out. Along with new classes, I've had to make a home for myself. Check out the video below for a tour of my humble abode.(...more)"

"Back to School- Let me tell you, it's hard adjusting to college life again...NOT. At least not yet. Granted it is only my first week back, but with one class on Tuesday and no class on Thursday, even when work starts rolling in I'll have a chance to sleep in occasionally. I've been to every class already so let me lay it all out for you.(...more)"

"'The Architect's Perspective- So you got me. I'm not really an architect. But as I work my way towards an advanced degree and eventual licensure, I'm going to use this regular feature to highlight news and happenings in the field of architecture.(...more)"

"'Did you miss something from December at Beavers and Ducks? Then check it out here in the archives."

"Rose Bowl: The Aftermath: I'm not about to pretend had Jacob Willis not fumbled at the five yard line and the Illini managed to score a touchdown to close the gap to 21-17, that Illinois would have gone on to win the Rose Bowl (that is one of many bad "breaks" the Illini encountered through out the game). Nope, I don't think it would've happened. (...more)"

"Did you miss some football action from the past month. Everything you need is right here."

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