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"Pre-Vacation Ramblings- It's a Greg, Greg, Greg, Gregg World: For most of my life I've usually been the only Greg(ory). (..more)"

"Rainy Days- This is the wettest winter/spring I can recall. And its not only that it snowed/rained a lot of days but its the amount of precipitation that falls when it does rain. (..more)"

"Illinois Cornhole- With the amazing technology that is the laser cutter (thanks BSU) I am going to be able to create some sweet Illinois cornhole boards sometime this summer. (..more)"

"Back to Normal- The last time you heard from me was a little over two weeks ago when I informed you that I had in fact survived the Wabash Valley earthquake. (..more)"

"'Did you miss something from April at Beavers and Ducks? Then check it out here in the archives."

For the first time in my life I picked the Derby winner. Sure it was the favorite, but usually the favorite is not the horse to take in the Derby. A win is a win. Oh yeah, I also had the winner of the Kentucky Oaks, giving me the elusive Oaks/Derby Double!

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